Akalabeth - World of Doom, an iPhone game by Quantum Toast

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Our thanks and dedication go to Richard Garriott, also known as Lord British,
for his consent and support, and for all those hours we spent in Britannia...

For questions or feedback please email nic@quantumtoast.com,
or visit his Google+ Page.

Akalabeth - World of Doom is a Quantum Toast Production.

Akalabeth is back to the Apple world!
Experience the origin of a whole universe!

Akalabeth, World of Doom - was developed in 1978 by Richard Garriott, creator of the famous Ultima series.
It marks the beginning of computer role playing games, and is one of the first programs featuring 3D graphics on a home computer. This app is an accurate replica of that genre defining classic, bringing the feeling of a true legend to your iPhone or iPod Touch.
You can't get more retro than this!

This explanation of the overview map will help you getting started in Akalabeth. Read the full original game manual at oldgames.sk

towns: the adventure shops - buying equipment
castle: to win the game it is necessary to visit the castle.
from this point one may embark on a quest by which the game is won.
trees: landmarks
mountains: non-passable obstacles. the 20x20 map is bordered with mountains
dungeons: where the evil things lurk

  • Exact recreation of the original Akalabeth - World of Doom for Apple II
  • Find the castle of Lord British and enter extensive 3D dungeons on your quest to become a knight
  • Become a fighter or a mage and increase your stats during your quest
  • Fight increasingly dangerous monsters the deeper you advance into the dungeons of Akalabeth, until you finally encounter the legendary Balrog
  • It's still as immersive and fun as it was 30 years ago!

  • Exact recreation of the unique Apple II look and feel, using an original (and amazingly still working) Apple II
  • Elegant readjustment of the original keyboard controls to fluent iPhone / iPod Touch gameplay
  • Original retro graphics and sound take you back to those glory days...

A few helpers have been carefully added in consultation with Lord British himself, to make the Akalabeth experience more enjoyable on your iPhone. If you are after the authentic experience, deactivate them.

  • Autosave - re-enter the game where you left it
  • Start near castle - have a quicker start into the game
  • Minimap - find your way through the dungeons
  • No secret passages - don't get confused by hidden doors
  • More food - don't starve to death all the time

  • Search for Lord British's castle to receive a quest
  • Buy lots of food in the beginning
  • Beware of Gremlins, they will steal your food
  • Press the upper right corner for advanced settings