Bombardiers Guild, an iPhone game by Quantum Toast

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  • "An elegant physics shooter game with a compelling storyline, gorgeous steampunk inspired aesthetics and creative gameplay. FIVE STARS."
  • "...the beautiful graphics and the unique game physics as well as original gamplay brings new air to the app store. The truth is out Bombardiers Guild gets a score of 8 out of 10. GET IT!"
  • "...some of the most fun I have had playing an iPhone game. The intensity when the enemy start hitting your cannon with big shots is really hard to convey, but it really gets my heart beating."
  • "The overall presentation is very impressive. I can say that this game is built with lots of careful attention to details."
  • "Bombardiers Guild excels at everything it does, from the bright and beautiful graphics to the multiplayer option to the solid physics and gravity-based gameplay mechanics."
  • "Bombardiers Guild is a beautiful strategy shooter with a hip steam-punk art style, and an interesting gravity based physics engine."
  • "The loading screen in Bombardiers Guild is the first clue to the rich and detailed world that developers Quantum Toast have crafted."
  • "The whole game is dripping with design sense."
  • "Eine wunderschöne Grafik im Steampunk-Design, eine atmosphärisch perfekt abgestimmte, musikalische Untermalung und ein einfaches, aber fesselndes" Spielprinzip.
  • "Bombardiers Guild è un “travolgente” titolo per iPhone..."

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Bombardiers Guild is a Quantum Toast Production.

Bombardiers Do you have what it takes to become a Master Bombardier?
Join the Bombardiers Guild today!
  • Rise through the ranks following your glorious victories
  • Battle with the distinct cultures that make up the Guild
  • Challenge legendary masters in head-to-head battles
  • Establish your reputation in the Great Feud
  • Compare your best scores with other Bombardiers
  • Earn achievements as you progress
Play with elegance. Play with passion. Play to win!

  • Unique physics engine with realistic planet gravity and projectile ballistics
  • Find the perfect shot to weave between the planets and destroy the enemy base
  • Charge up your rocket by making s-shots, loops or other complex paths between the planets
  • Challenge three distinct alien cultures across more than 500 levels
  • Use different strategies against increasingly cunning opponent AI as you progress through the missions
  • Earn numerous ranks & promotions in the Guild for skillful shots and missions completed
  • Track your progress and most glorious victories in detailed statistics
  • Compare your scores using beautifully incorporated OpenFeint leaderboards
  • Earn OpenFeint achievements whether on or offline
  • Battle your friends in two player mode across all 500+ levels
  • Enjoy the carefully crafted steampunk atmosphere, user interface and soundtrack
  • Particle effects and disruption shockwaves tap the full graphical potential of your iPhone / iPod
  • Listen to your own music selection while you play
"Charging rockets and replenishing shields take a genre classic to new heights"

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